Taylor Swift C-Grade Mystery Bags 3 for £5.00

  • Taylor Swift C-Grade Mystery Bags 3 for £5.00

You will receive x3 random taylor swift themed enamel pins for £5.00.
These pins will all be c-grade pins, ranging with imperfections such as scratches, underfill, excessive trapped dust.

The imperfections are noticeable close up. But they still look gorgeous attached to backpacks, which they are ideal for.

- You will receive 3 pin for this price
- The pins will not come with backing cards, they will come sealed in plastic baggies
- Rest assured i will not be including the erotic pins or harry styles pins. (But if you do want an erotic pin, you can request it at the checkout, as i have MANY c-grades of them, and you can request harry)
- I will also not duplicate pins. You will get 3 different ones
- Likewise if you have purchased pins from myself previously, i try not to include the same pins again.

**Please add a note at the checkout for what pins not to include.**

Any questions please ask