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Clothing Care

Clothing Care

The absolute best way to safely wash your custom printed t-shirts is by hand.
Turn them inside-out, mix cold water and a mild detergent in a small tub/sink, let soak for 10 minutes or more, then gently agitate for a few minutes, rinse, and let them air dry.

Using a washer and dryer will not destroy your shirts– as long as you take proper precautions.
Below are step-by-step instructions for the washing machine, dryer and ironing, plus some general care tips to help you keep your tees looking new for a long time.

Machine Washing: Step-by-Step

• Turn printed shirts inside-out before washing.
This will prevent other garments from rubbing against the print, as well as the dreaded “pilling” of T-Shirt fabric.

• Gently buff stains with a clean washcloth.
Do not use brushes or anything abrasive. Working the fabric against itself can work if you don’t have a washcloth.

• Separate similar colours, weight, and textures.
Avoid overfilling the washer or adding heavy materials such as jeans and towels, which can aggravate the fabric.

• Use mild detergent with cold water on a gentle cycle.
Warm water, harsh detergents, and aggressive wash cycles are the number one things that damage t-shirts.

Air dry all printed and screenprinted t-shirts.

- Iron inside-out on the coolest setting and do not iron directly on the graphic.


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