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Jewellery Care

Please understand that all jewellery is costume jewellery, and should therefore be treated as such.

- Do not expose to moisture
Do not swim in or wash your jewellery. This will increase the oxidation process and tarnish your jewellery faster. All plated jewellery needs to be keep free of moisture.

All plated jewellery is 1.5 microns in thickness, so if cared for correctly, it will take a long time for your jewellery to show any signs of wear.

- Avoid contact with perfume, moisturisers, hand sanitiser etc. Harsh chemicals and oil can possibly damage the plating/finish of the jewellery.

Note: All plated jewellery will discolour over time. Everyone's body produces natural oils (sweat etc) These oils can make the metal react, causing tarnished This process is 100% to be expected, it is irreversible.

*GEMMAROSEPINS can not be held responsible for the discolouration of metals* All jewellery is made from durable materials to ensure your product is long lasting with regular wear.

Skin Irritation? All jewellery is made from nickel free platings to ensure there is no irritation when in direct contact with skin. However, if you have overly sensitive skin i do not recommend purchasing costume jewellery.


All of my jewellery is copper free, so it will not snap easily or turn your skin green.