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1989 Keychain

£2.00 - £4.00

The keychain is made from nickel plated metal with blue hard enamel colour fill.

The keychain comes with a silver fixing chain and loop.

Size: The tag is 4.5cm in length, and 2.5cm in width. The complete length with chain and loop is 10cm.

These are very strong, high quality keychains. 3mm in thickness, so not a flimsy pos.

- You will receive 1 keychain for this price
- The keychain will come sealed in a plastic baggie.

Any questions please ask
- You have the option to choose between A-Grade, B-Grade and C-Grade.

A-Grade are the best quality, perfect/near perfect with maybe a very slight speck of trapped dust or scratch to plating.

B-Grade have slightly more imperfections, such as bigger dots of trapped dust, more scuffs to plating, more lines in enamel etc

C-Grade have more imperfections to the metal.

Any questions please ask

Please don't try to sell my keychains as official merchendise.
My keychains are more blue in colour, hard enamel, larger, shiny and made of more durable materials. So 100% better lol.

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