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Getaway Car Enamel Pin

£4.00 - £7.50

- Hard Enamel
- Nickel Plating
- 45mm x 35mm
- Metal Clasp Fixings

*i do highly recommend you secure all pins with locking backs, it prevents them from spinning and adds extra safety*

- You will receive 1 pin for this price
- Colours may differ slightly from the photographs.
- You have the option to choose between A-Grade, B-Grade pins and C-Grade pins.

A-Grade pins are the best quality, perfect/near perfect with maybe a very slight speck of trapped dust or lines in enamel

B-Grade have slightly more imperfections, such as bigger dots of trapped dust, scuff to metal plating, more lines in enamel. Etc.

And C-Grade have more imperfections.

Any questions please ask

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