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TS Wax Seal Enamel Pins

£5.00 - £7.00

These pins are made from high quality hard enamel.
They have been filled with pearlescent enamel. This enamel has almost a liquid look to it, shiny with swirls.

Gold plated. 3D design.

They come in two variations, white or black.

Each pin measures 25mm by 25mm approximately.

These pins are the perfect accessory for pinning to clothes, jackets, backpacks etc.

The pin will come with a metal clutch clasp

*i do highly recommend you secure all pins with locking backs, it prevents them from spinning and adds extra safety*

- You will receive 1 pin for this price
- Colours may differ slightly from the photographs.
- You have the option to choose between A-Grade and B-Grade pins

A-Grade pins are the best quality, perfect/near perfect with maybe a very slight speck of trapped dust.

B-Grade have slightly more imperfections, such as bigger dots of trapped dust, scuff to plating etc.

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