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Phone Grips

£3.00 - £5.00

- UV Printed Designs
- White / Black Phone Grips
- 4cm Face Design
- Double Sided 3M Adhesive Sticker

- You will receive x1 phone grip

- Colours may differ slightly from photographs
- The Fearless grips have a slight green hue to them, hence the reduced price.
- The 1989 grips blue background is slightly grainy and has lines. Not too noticeable. Again reduced because of this.

Midnights, Speak Now, 1989 and The Eras Tour grips have black bases.


(Not recommended for silicone cases) they may not stick as well

- Clean the surface of your phone/case (ensure fully dry)
- Peel the 3M sticker to expose adhesive
- Apply to your surface.
(press down for a minimum of 15 seconds)