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Fridge Magnets / Stickers

£0.75 - £3.00

Material: Tin


"In this house we listen to Taylor Swift and cry" 8cm x 5.4cm

"love you to the moon and to saturn" 8cm x 5.5cm

"I can still make the whole place shimmer" 8cm x 5.5cm

"You need to calm down" 6.5cm x 6.5cm

Some of the graphics are slightly grainy up close.
The magnet "in this house we listen to Taylor Swift and cry" i only have b-grades available. My manufacturer messed up the print and they all have little pen like smudges on them. All in the same place. Not too bad or noticeable at first glance. See image 8
- Vinyl Stickers
- Gloss Finish
- 6.5cm x 4.5cm
- You will receive 1 magnet for this price
- Colours may differ slightly from the photographs.
- You have the option to choose between A-Grade and B-Grade magnets

A-Grade magnets are the best quality, perfect/near perfect with maybe a very slight speck of misplaced ink

B-Grade have slightly more imperfections, such as bigger bits od misplaced ink, scuff to surface etc.

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